Seller Reinstatement

  • We do not believe in a one solution fits all approach, Our team studies and evaluates your account and constructs a case-specific appeal that can reinstate your account in the shortest time possible. We deal with each and every Amazon Account Suspension including Inauthentic Item Complaints, safety claims, inbound shipping, intellectual property violation, Order Defect rate (ODR), Late Dispatch Rate (LDR), blocked items, and others related.
  • Our process starts with doing deep research and analysis to search for the root cause and then our experts analyze reviews, feedback, buyer-seller messages, individual Products/ASINs, and other metrics and performance. Over the period we have reinstated over 200 accounts. With our expertise and experience in the field, we know how to investigate each case and become your advocates to prove you right in the eyes of the amazon performance team.
Seller Reinstatement

Our Seller Reinstatement Services Includes

Inauthentic Item Complaints

When you are selling authentic products but some of your customers complained about inauthentic products due to which your Amazon account gets suspended.

Product not as Described Complaints

When the product description you mentioned in the listing does not match your product or if you sent the wrong item to your customer.

Order Defect Rate (ODR)

When feedback of your customer is not flattering, so amazon decided to suspend your account due to poor evaluation.

Intellectual Property Violation

When you don’t have an intellectual right for the product you are selling, in that case, Amazon can suspend your account.

Late Shipping

When you fail to ship your orders on time, your late shipment rate exceeds amazon targets which result in account suspension.

Order Cancellations

When you exceed the amazon’s order cancellation rate standards which result in your account suspension.

Blocked Item

When you sell a product that is banned by amazon and your amazon account gets suspended.

ASIN Variation Violation

When you have created several ASINs for the same product and amazon suspends your seller account.

Copyright or Trademark Violation

You did not use copyright and trademark in the right way resultantly your Amazon account gets suspended.

Related to another Account Violations

When your amazon account is related to another.

Join hands with us and achieve a well researched and effective POA that can Reinstate your account at the earliest time possible. We are the Seller Reinstatement experts in India. Our team includes ex-Amazon employees and therefore we know how and what are the amazon criteria