Streamline Your Financial Operations with RcoSource

At RcoSource, we understand the complexities and challenges that e-commerce sellers face regarding accounting and taxation. That’s why we offer comprehensive Accounting and Taxation services tailored explicitly for Amazon and Flipkart marketplaces. We have experts who can take care of your financial needs, giving you more time to focus on expanding your business.

GST return filing

As a business person, one of our priorities will be to do GST filing. A GST Return showcases details of the purchase, sales, tax collected on sales, tax paid on purchases. As a seller, it is mandatory to register for the GST if your business has a turnover of 20 lakh rupees(if selling goods).

Ecommerce Payment reconciliation

Typically, payment of orders through the marketplace like Flipkart and Amazon is received through a particular sales channel payment cycle. The marketplace pays the seller in a lump sum amount at the end of the cycle. The payment is filtered with certain commissions, taxes, service charges, and penalties(in specific cases). Therefore, it becomes difficult for sellers to keep track. For sellers, it becomes difficult to monitor how much money they are supposed to get that where Reepride Sources comes in, we have a sturdy system that manages all the payment reconciliation for the emerging sellers.

Selling fee, FBA fee, Easy ship charges reconciliation border wise

We Handle all the accounting hassles for you including selling fee, FBA fee and Easy ship charges reconciliation border wise.

Order wise reconciliation

Amazon and Flipkart allow a defined structure of payments to sellers. However, there are various payment modes like COD, net banking, card payment, and others which can affect the duration in which you receive payment.

There could case like

  • If a buyer raises a case, then amazon may hold the payment.
  • In the case of a returned product, there could be held up in the payment or reverse the payment if prepaid.
  • If you are in the FBA program and the buyer returns your product, then this can complicate things as the returned product will go to the FBA center and if the product is damaged then, it may be disposed of by amazon.

Reconciliation becomes tough for sellers however with our knowledgeable and experienced personnel we can help you with all of these problems.

Profit Analysis

  • Our Profit analysis services include
  • Reconciliation of payment reimbursement against each order
  • SKU Wise profitability
  • Order id wise profitability and settlement
  • Overall E-com portal Profitability