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Welcome to Rcosource, the agency dedicated to helping online merchants succeed. In today's competitive landscape, brand awareness and trust play a crucial role in driving sales and success. This holds for Amazon, where showcasing your brand effectively can significantly impact your online shop.

What are Amazon Brand Stores?

Amazon Brand Stores is a free tool that empowers sellers and vendors to shape their Amazon shops independently. With Amazon Brand Stores, you have the flexibility to create a structured and customizable brand presence. To access this feature, sellers and vendors must enroll in Amazon's brand registry. Contact us today to learn how to get started with a brand registry.

Designing your Amazon Brand Store allows you to leverage images, videos, and text to present your products compellingly. This is especially useful for products that require explanation or evoke an emotional response, such as lifestyle products. The product grid in your brand store showcases the variety of options available, effectively telling your brand's story. But how exactly is your Amazon Brand Store built beyond the basic design?

The first element visitors will see in your brand store is the cover photo. It should convey the essence of your brand. You can also use text-based tiles to explain your brand or products briefly. For visually demonstrative products, you can use in-store tiles. Striking a balance between product images and descriptive text is vital. Keep the text short, around four to eight words, and maintain a 50:50 proportion with the accompanying photo. Simplicity is essential to avoid overwhelming or distracting visitors. Depending on your corporate identity, you have various options to present your brand effectively.

Once you have finished designing your Amazon Brand Store, you can submit it for review and publication. Access your Amazon Seller Central account and click the "Submit for Review and Publish" button. Remember that you may be asked to make any necessary changes during the review process.

To expedite the review process, it's crucial to carefully check your draft for spelling mistakes and ensure that texts are easily readable, even on mobile devices. Once your draft is submitted, you won't be able to make changes while it is being reviewed.

Amazon Brand Store offers you

By creating a captivating brand store, you can effectively market your products and engage with customers.

Showcase your brand's unique features and value propositions to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

A well-designed brand store attracts more visitors, increasing visibility and potential sales.

Leverage your brand store as a platform to launch new products and generate excitement among your target audience.

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